Church of Wells stirs up dust in West Texas


This is not a sight you usually see downtown on a Saturday night, where most people are enjoying the nightlife .
“Two and a half months and this is the first outreach anyone has given us,” said Pride owner Jason Hernandez.

But late Saturday, a group from the Church of Wells from Wells, Texas decided to come preach outside of the gay bar pride.

“We’ve heard about the gay club and we wanted to share the gospel, share the word of god with people that are lost,” said church member Sean Morris.

The church group received varying responses.

“Well it varies. Some people are very soft and they’re tearing up in their eyes and they thank me and one man took my number and others get really angry and they scorn and they mock,” said Morris.

The reason the group chose pride to evangelize at?

“The gospel says a man cannot practice homosexuality and inherit the kingdom of God,” said Morris.

Despite some heated responses, Pride owner Jason Hernandez kept a level head and spoke with the evangelists.

“To our customers i apologize but we’re here building a bridge to our community,” said Hernandez.

The evangelists said they came with a message of love

“We’re not out here to preach a hate message but a salvation message,” said Morris.

And love is the same reason pride was created.

“Pride is you can be straight, gay, bisexual, intersexual, people who might be confused you know? This is a place where we’re not going to judge you for who you are,” said Hernandez.


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