CHRISTUS creates mobile UV light sanitation trailer to extend life of masks


LONGVIEW, TX (KETK) – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital in Sulphur Springs has come up with a creative solution to expand the life of their masks after reading a research study published by the University of Nebraska about UV lights successfully sanitizing masks.

The hospital has already implemented the technology but a nurse came up with the idea to make the unit mobile to reach more hospitals and help serve others.

“The entire inside is white as you can see and there are lines similar to a clothes line with pins so we are able to hang up to 500 masks at a time,” says Holly Ragan, Senior Marketing Development for CHRISTUS. “By doing this we can expand the life of the equipment that we do get and that we are able to get.”

She says while they are not short on Personal Protective Equiptment they are trying to get the most uses out of what they have safely. Organizing so many masks is not an easy process.

Each mask is labeled with a name and date to ensure it gets back to the right person.

“When a staff or associate is done with a mask it goes into a brown paper bag. The brown indicating that the mask is dirty,” says Ragan. “They hang each of those dirty masks in the trailer and once those have gone through the 5 minute sterilization process under the uv light they actually get placed in a clean white paper sack.”

The white paper sack indicating the mask has been sanitized. It is then placed in a sanitized bucket which is taken back to their department.

The trailer is not just for CHRISTUS hospitals.

“The entire plan behind doing this in a trailer was to be good stewards and share with local partners in the community,” says Ragan.

They have already helped dentist offices and offices that require masks. A small thing they can do to use their resources to help others in East Texas.

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