CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Great goat getaway of 2019


SEATTLE, Washington (KETK) – A Washington state homeowners association has some explaining to do after its effort to keep the neighborhood looking well-kept became overrun – not with weeds, but with goats.

Dozens of goats flooded the community near Seattle Wednesday.

The animals got out of their enclosure and ended up in the neighborhood’s streets.

The herd of about 200 is managed by Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management, based in Edwall, Washington. The company rents out its goats to property owners to graze land as a natural alternative to mowing.

This time, though, the goats got a bit overzealous and, as the video shows, not only chowed down on weeds, but got into flowers and ornamental trees.

According to a Healing Hooves Facebook post, shepherd Craig Madsen and border collie Nessie got the herd under control and properly corralled at a local dog park with the help of neighborhood friends.

“They were nearing the end of their time in that particular pen and ate all their favorite stuff yesterday. They can be as single minded as human kids who don’t want to finish their plates. Most likely there was jostling for position and one bumped into/knocked over a post and they saw an opportunity to make a break for it. Goats being goats.”

– Healing Hooves on Facebook

Apparently the neighborhood took the goats gone wild all in good fun. The Issaquah Highlands blog provided a lively roundup of events with photos and videos and a local newspaper called it a “rare and delightful sight.”

Healing Hooves has been clearing weeds in Issaquah Highlands since 2008. The company has seen escapes before, but nothing like the Great Goat Getaway of 2019.

But, hey, there’s always next year.

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