Can you spot the signs of hidden drug use in this room?


RICHMOND, Va. (NBC/KXAN) — If you walked around your child’s room, would you find warning signs of substance abuse?

Some parents in Virginia found out if they were looking in the right places.

They got the chance to look at a room filled with 75 signs of drug or alcohol abuse in it. It was part of an event hosted by Hanover Cares.

Some items included playing cards, lottery tickets and spoons, which could all indicate heroin use. There was even a device that looks like a regular flash drive.

“This is our studious kid here. They have their laptop in bed studying, looks like they’re just plugging in but in fact, they’re charging their Juul pod,” says Octavia Marsh with Hanover Cares.

Experts say you should pay attention to every detail. They add the most important tip for any parent is to keep the conversation going with your child.

“We know that kids having these conversations with their parents are up to 50 percent less likely to use drugs and alcohol compared to those not having those conversations being 4 times greater to use substances at an early age,” says Marsh.

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