Back to school anxiety preventable with daily routine


With school starting soon for many students, anxiety can get the best of many.

School can provoke a wide range of emotions for students. When it comes to anxiety, there can be a number of triggers such as an unfamiliar setting for incoming freshman or new students.

Now is the perfect time to start making necessary adjustments like getting into a routine to have a successful school year.

“The majority of the kids coming into school, they’re all anxious, at this point in time, so they’re not by themselves. So parents talking to their students about their anxiety, being prepared,” Jill Maloney, mental health specialist.

With a new year comes returning issues, including bullying.

“Know that they can come to adults in the building, anybody, any of the adults, teachers, coaches, principals, counselors, and report it and if you report it, we will find a way to get to that person and sit down and talk with them to kind of meditate as much as we possibly can to decrease any bullying that could possibly be going on,” Maloney said.

Back to school can be an especially difficult time when a child is leaving home for the first time to enter preschool or kindergarten.

“A lot of times the kids do come in crying, and so on, one of the first thing that we like to tell parents is that it’s completely normal and sometimes it’s more difficult for the parents than it is for the children,” Pam Fazinni, a counselor said.

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