Jacksonville community rallies around County Roads Rescue after flood waters overtake facility


JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – The heavy rains this morning left quite a mess across East Texas, and for County Roads Rescue, it could have been life or death.

Stephanie Hassell posted a video to their Facebook page of the building under several inches of water and seemed to be growing.

“If anybody can pick up a dog and hold it until at least the rain subsides, that would be great,” Hassell said in the video.

She went to say that she was standing in at least six inches of water.

“The first thing I did, I came in and I checked on all our dogs to make sure that they were ok, I ran and checked on our cats to make sure nobody was just sitting in water.”

After asessing the situation, Hassell knew they needed help protecting the 34 animals in their care.

“I called a friend of mine that works at the animal shelter and asked for help transporting dogs, even if it was two or three and she put out the word and within 30 minutes I had the police chief, the city manager, a detective, her, a volunteer, all here just putting animals in crates in their cars and getting them out of the water,” said Hassell.

Any animals left over were picked up by Jacksonville residents clamoring to help.

“We had strangers just coming in with trucks and crates ready, who can we take, had them sign a foster contract, got their number,” said Hassell.

The rescue says they hope to have the animals back in the shelter by the end of the week and they say they feel lucky to be in Jacksonville…

“I’m amazed at our town, everyday, by the things that they do like this and the fact that I can move 34 animals in 30 minutes in an emergency situation, that’s amazing,” said Hassell.

That’s East Texas.

County Roads Rescue was founded in 2016 and its mission is to “assist Cherokee County with the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of the hundreds of forgotten and abandoned strays that roam the area.”

They also educate the public and provide assistance where it is needed within Cherokee County to benefit the lives of companion animals.

Now they need your help. A lot of food had to be thrown out after being soaked by the dirty flood waters and they say their drainage system needs some upgrades. If you can help, visit their facebook page.

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