Allegations of sexual assault at fraternity party


A Stephen F. Austin State University fraternity is irate after a young woman claimed to have been sexually assaulted by several people.

In May a young woman said she was sexually assaulted by several people during a fraternity party earlier that month.

However, authorities say an investigation into the incident didn’t support the young woman’s claim. 

“We conducted an extensive internal investigation, interviewed most if not all the chapter itself and found no evidence,  zero evidence, to support the allegations she was making against ATO or its members,” said Jim Ewbank, ATO’s attorney.

They say the woman also had inconsistencies in her story.

“The fact that these allegations have grown from one person sexually assaulting her; to four people sexually assaulting her, to 60 underlines the lack of credibility of these allegations,” said Ewbank.

According to a statement from the Nacogdoches Sheriff’s Office, the young woman had sex with one person at the party and both participants agreed it was consensual.

Problems arose when a local newspaper wrote a story, which some believe was one sided.

“It was of great concern that there was no balance to the story itself,” said Ewbank.

Regardless, Stephen F. Austin State University takes this matter very seriously.

“SFA does take sexual misconduct very seriously and is investigating these allegations diligently and vigorously in accordance with federal law,” said Adam Peck, SFA Dean of Student Affairs.

In addition to personally investigating this matter SFA will protect the identities of everyone involved.

“We do have a duty to our students under the feral law F.E.R.P.A., (Family Education Rights and Privacies Act) to maintain student privacy.”

A grand jury decided not to indict anyone.

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