A PLEA FOR PATRICK: Lindale muscular dystrophy patient just wants a visit from Patrick Mahomes


LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – How far would you go to help a beloved brother?

Ashley Wells of Lindale is hoping to go all the way to Kansas City … sort of.

Ashley’s brother, Brice Sustaire, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. On January 3, he was rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing. He is intubated, cannot speak, and is fighting for his life.

Through all this, according to Ashley, hs has asked for one thing – to meet Patrick Mahomes, star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and East Texas native who will lead his team in the Super Bowl in Miami on February 2.

In the hospital, Ashley said, she asked Brice if he would like someone to come visit him.

Oh, he did.

“He wrote out ‘Patrick,'” Ashley said. “I said, ‘Patrick? Who is Patrick?'”

Brice spelled out M-a-h-o-m-e-s.

“I said, ‘You want Patrick Mahomes to come visit you?'” Ashley said. “He said yes and shook his head.”

Brice never asks for anything, Ashley said, and the family is well aware that Mahomes is a bit busy at the moment. But …

How far would you go to help a beloved brother?

Fortunately, in this age of social media, Ashley doesn’t actually have to go all the way to Kansas City to find Patrick Mahomes. She only has to go as far as Facebook.

And that’s exactly what she did.

She shared the post in the hope that someone, anyone, might see it and know of a way to get a certain star quarterback’s attention.

After all, Mahomes may belong to Kansas City now, but he still has deep roots, family, and friends right here in East Texas.

And it’s not that far from Lindale to Whitehouse. Or, hopefully, from Whitehouse to Kansas City.

It’s certainly not far at all for a sister hoping to get her ailing, beloved brother the one thing he wants in this world.

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