14-year-old kidnap, rape victim rescued after friends use Snapchat to find her


SAN JOSE, California (KETK) A 14-year-old girl in San Jose, California, who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted used Snapchat to alert her friends, who then were able to determine her location and call police.

According to San Jose police, police responded to “suspicious circumstances” at a motel in San Jose at just after 11 a.m. Tuesday.

A 14-year-old girl had been kidnapped but did not know her location. She contacted friends using the Snapchap app, and, through the app, her friends were able to find her and call police to the motel where she was being held.

Snapchat provides users with the option to share their location with friends and family members, which the girl had previously chosen to do.

On arriving at the motel, officers made contact with a suspect, identified as Albert Thomas Vasquez, as he came out of a motel room. Officers found the victim inside the room and arrested Vasquez.

Investigators discovered that Vasquez met the victim in Capitola, California, on January 14. He reportedly gave the girl drugs which incapacitated her. He then called two other men, Antonio Quirino Salvador, 34, and Hediberto Gonzalez Avarenga, 31, both of Fremont, for help.

Police say the three men got the girl into a car against her will, where Vasquez first sexually assaulted her. The three men then allegedly drove the girl to the motel, where Vasquez again assaulted her.

VaVasquez has been charged with kidnapping to commit rape, digital penetration with a child under 14 years with force, false imprisonment, lewd act with a child 14 or 15 years with force, and rape by intoxication or controlled substance.

Avarenga and Salvador have been charged with kidnapping and felony conspiracy.

All three men are in the Santa Clara County Jail.

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