The appointment process

Neal Barton's Point of View

It has been entertaining to watch the Trump cabinet appointment process. It’s like a Studio 54 red carpet line to get into the Trump disco.

You have to be my age to understand that reference. They all come to Trump Tower and wait. Some are chosen, some are selected.

We’ve seen everything from career diplomats to Kanye West. I think it’s great.

The media is tearing Trump apart. They don’t like his picks because they are different.

He said he’s drain the swamp and do something different. Then, he brings in some old stale political empty suits and the media hates that, too.

You see what they are doing, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The mainstream media is quickly losing its pull in the country. Many say everything not published by them is fake news. Fake news is the new scapegoat for news you don’t like. More and more they are losing control and are not too keen about it.

I love this guy who’s going to be running the EPA has a beef with the agency. Now some EPA employees are saying they are not going to take instruction from this guy.

Sorry, Sluggo, that’s not how it works.

Same for the Department of Energy. Trump appears to be doing what he said he would do, but no matter. The old press is going to attack him anyway.

It’s interesting how much power he is already wielding and he’s not even president yet.

That’s my point of view, what’s yours?

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