NEAL BARTON’S POV: We need taxes, but make them reasonable

Neal Barton's Point of View

The siege in Central Texas continues.

Not at the Alamo but at the State Capitol in Austin.

A wise old judge said one time nothing is safe when these guys, and now add women, are in town.

Look at the embarrassing property tax relief-sales tax debacle which just flamed out.

It was akin to a sleazy car dealer quoting you a price on a new car and instead of taking the trade-in off the final price they added it on there inflating the bill.

Here in Texas we flaunt our lack of a state income tax, and I don’t want one.

But we pay out the nose with sky-high property taxes.

Just like in the swamp in DC, our Texas lawmakers, like  a 9-year old boy, want to spend every quarter they carry in their britches.

And it’s tied to your hometown.

Everyone I know in Smith County and Trinity County is howling after getting their tax statements. They raise your tax appraisals and give you 30 minutes to challenge it. I’m thinking knowing most will not or forget.

I’m not some anti-tax fool. We have to pay taxes.

But they can be reasonable.

Resist. Challenge. Show them who is boss.

That’s my point of view what’s yours? You can email me at or Facebook me at KETK Neal Barton.

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