Like magic

Neal Barton's Point of View

It’s like magic. Poof and Hillary is cleared.

As I have stated before, there was no way Hillary was ever going to be indicted or even set up that way.

We’ve been told for a year James Comey, the FBI director is great, a straight -shooter. However, he is a member of the beltway elite and today he did his job.

The invitations to the cocktail parties will continue. In the most disjointed news conference you’ve ever seen, Comey contradicted himself. Basically, he said she was careless as heck, but she walks.

Remember, the FBI cannot indict. The Department of Justice can.

So not only did he do a little side-step, he also foamed the runway for Attorney General Lorretta Lynch. Saying there was no there, there.

Look at the strange line of events. All the hubbub.

Bubba and Lynch have a tet-a-tet at an airport no one was supposed to know about. Then a weird Saturday meet and greet with FBI agents.

Then a leak that there would be no indictment this weekend. Then, the days after a holiday, Comey holds a fast news conference.

Then Hillary jumps on Air Force One with the president. If this was to go the other way, I don’t think she’d be on the president’s plane.

How do you think General Petraus feels? Careers have been ruined for less than this. Nixon resigned for less than this, but, the fix was in.

I’ve said that many times before right in thus pulpit. This is the elites taking care of other elites.

That’s my point of view, what’s yours?

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