Coronavirus spread preventing veterans from scheduled surgeries at VA clinics


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Schools, restaurants, and public facilities have closed their doors for the next few weeks in response to CDC’s recommendation of ‘social-distancing.’

Another place with new limitations is the Veterans Affairs clinic in Dallas. Following CDC guidelines, several facilities have postponed surgeries and treatments.

Dick Miller, a Marine with lung cancer, is awaiting a life-changing procedure that was scheduled to take place on Monday but V.A. clinics around the south are temporarily pushing back appointments due to the coronavirus.

Miller’s appointment was one to receive the call about his surgery being postponed.

With some people relying on the V.A. for medical treatments, Miller is dependent on this procedure for his health.

“They’re the ones who are supposed to take care of me,” he said.

Miller has throat cancer and is supposed to have surgery to help clear his throat passageway before it closes up.

“The patients like my dad, being almost refused to have procedures because of this, I don’t think it’s fair to them,” said Meredith Jones.

But the part that worries them the most is that the VA has postponed the treatments, but they haven’t gotten information about rescheduling them.

“He’s lived a long life and he deserves to be treated like somebody, not a nobody who can just be pushed off to the side,” Jones said.

For now, he and other veterans will have to wait until clinics open up and ‘social-distancing’ is no longer a recommendation.

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