Texas judge addresses reports of votes switching on machines


A Texas county judge has addressed reports of voting machines switching votes during early vote.

Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner (R) has released a statement regarding people going on social media to report their votes being changed.

Nancy Tanner’s Full Statement:

There is nothing wrong with any of the machines we use for voting. They do not flip your vote. They do not flip parties. Humans do that.

I have visited with Melynn Huntley, our Potter County Elections Administrator, and she has verified that there is no problem with the machines.

It seems that the media as well as social media gets “wind” of such an incident and it may have happened in Colorado for all they know, but it is reported as happening here.

There was one incident in Randall County where a voter voted straight ticket and when they hit the vote button, it flipped parties. They reported it to the election official and they cancelled that ballot and allowed the voter to vote again on another machine.

The machine was then checked and nothing was wrong with the machine.

I urge the voters to take the opportunity to review their ballot before they hit the vote button. As everyone knows, our fingers don’t always do what our brain tells them.

I urge you, the media, to check out the stories before you report them and to also squelch any rumors that you “ can ask for a paper ballot”. You cannot.

We are calibrating our machines daily as well as testing them daily.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. This is a very important election and people tend to get really sensitive.

Potter County is located in the Texas Panhandle.

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