Woman pleading for mother’s stolen ashes to be returned


PULASKI, Va. (WFXR News) – A woman in Pulaski is asking that someone return her mother’s ashes which she says were stolen from her car last Thursday.

Wendy Schleich’s mother Heather passed away on February 12 after losing her third battle with cancer.

“She was strong. She was a very strong person,” said Schleich.

“We know her soul has gone to heaven, but her remains, yes it’s ashes in a box, but it’s still her.”

Wendy says they had her cremated last Thursday and planned on getting an urn the next day. But she left the ashes in the car overnight, because she didn’t want her dogs to disturb them in the house.

When she got in her car the next day some things had been moved around, and that’s when she noticed.

“I happened to turn around in the back seat and I said, Oh my gosh! Her ashes are gone,” said Schleich.

She filed a police report and then hit the streets looking for the box with the ashes.

“I scoured the neighborhood, looking up and down the alleyways, down the streets, looking in people’s garbage cans.”

One of her biggest fears is where her mom’s ashes could have ended up.

“It’s hard to think that she could be anywhere. It’s hard to think that she might be in a garbage can or discarded somewhere.”

She hopes whoever has them would return them or leave them somewhere she can pick them up, like the police department, post office or even the library.

“I’m hoping that that person will have a conscience. Once they realize it’s not money, it’s not jewelry, there’s nothing of value in that bag, but for her family, it is valuable.”

Wendy says she was going to put some of her mother’s ashes in a glass hummingbird for herself. The rest was going to be put in an urn that would sit on a mantle at her brother’s home.

“Whoever took her, please have a conscience. If you dumbed her somewhere or dropped her somewhere, just go back and get her and bring her somewhere so that we can have her back.”

She says the plastic box they were in is black and about the size of a shoebox. It has a dark red velvet bag inside with the remains in them. She’s asking people in the area to be on the lookout.

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