Woman killed while trying to stop protect granddaughter from fight outside of a grocery store


WASHINGTON (KETK) – Washington D.C. police are looking for those responsible for shooting a 71-year-old woman outside of a grocery store over the weekend.

Her family has said that she was protecting her granddaughter when it happened. They say that Sheila Lucas was beloved in the community for her never-ending generosity.

“There was days my mom went without eating, just to make sure that we had food on the table, clothes on our back. Being a single mother growing up, that’s the woman that I know. That’s my queen. That’s my everything.”

Robert Alston, Lucas’ son

Lucas was at the store with her granddaughter and while they were separated, the young woman was attacked by a group of girls. Later, the granddaughter was jumped again, but this time Lucas was with her.

She died of a gunshot wound to the head and a nearby man was injured. Alston says that it pains him he was not able to say goodbye.

“Who shoots a 71-year-old woman in the head who has nothing to do with all this? We didn’t get a chance to say, ‘Mom we love you.’ We didn’t get a chance to say, ‘Mom we’ll see you later.’ We didn’t get that opportunity. Her life was taken from us,” Robert Alston told WJLA.

He is a pastor of Thankful Baptist Church and had just wrapped up three straight sermons about forgiveness.

“So, I forgive you. I release you. But for justice’s sake, please go turn yourself in,” said Alston.

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