Hallsville man sentenced to 12 years for 2017 street racing wreck that killed 2 women


GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Nearly two years after a tragic accident claimed the life of two women, the last suspect spent his day in court.

Davin Davis, 21, was sentenced to spend the next 12 years of his life behind bars on Tuesday.

“Do you understand what you are charged with,” asked 124th District Court Judge Alfonso Charles.

“Yes sir,” said Davis.

“How do you intend to plead to these three charges?” asked Judge Charles.

“Guilty,” said Davis.

In September of 2017, Davis and Chad Malone were racing down the loop in Longview, hitting speeds as high as 110 mph. That’s when Malone’s car hit a truck exiting the Target parking lot. The wreck killed Malone’s sister, Rylee Malone and his fiancée, Meshebia Johnson. The wreck also badly injured Christa Wilson, the woman in the truck.

It was nearly two years ago at the Hawkins and Eastman Rd. intersection, where two lives were lost and many more, were forever changed.

Today, the last sentence was handed down in that wreck, and you could tell inside the courtroom, that in this case, no one wins.

“This is a really difficult case, there’s not a single winner in this case, everyone loses today,” said a representative for the state. “Mr. Malone lost, Davin Davis is losing today, and we lost two girls.”

Judge Charles accepted his guilty plea and agreed to a plea agreement.

Davis is charged with three 2nd degree felonies, two counts of Racing Causing Death and one count of Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury.

“You will serve out your sentences of 12 years on each count, those counts running concurrent, as in at the same time,” said Judge Charles.

Davis will also be given credit for time served, which is 214 days, making his current sentence closer to 11 years.

Malone was sentenced in February to 12 years as well.

Davis’ day in court is an emotional ending to a terrible chapter in the lives of three families and a hard lesson learned for two friends.

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