Father of kidnapped 3-year-old says he’ll do anything to get her back


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (KETK) – A father desperate to find his kidnapped three-year-old daughter said he will do anything to get her back.

In an emotional interview, he said he had been out all night searching for his “Cupcake.”

“It’s a hard thing to swallow because I ain’t never been without Cupcake. Like, all my life I’ve been in my children’s lives. Like both ’em, and the mother’s life. They know me. They used to seein’ me on a daily basis. I’ve been out all night. I looked through everything ’round here. Every empty school; every abandoned building, and I won’t stop.”

Dominic McKinney, Father

Police have detained a person of interest in the case and found the SUV that they believed was used in the kidnapping.

The man in custody has not been identified.

“I just want my daughter back. I pay anything; I put up anything; anybody that know anything that’s goin’ on. To the person who did do this: like, it’s sick man. There’s enough goin’ on man, you know what I’m saying? Like, what, what justice will a 3-year-old girl do you?”

Dominic McKinney

Governor Kay Ivey’s office has offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading authorities to Kamille’s location.

Search crews continue to canvas the area near Tom Brown Village as well as the area where the vehicle was found that took the 3-year-old girl Sunday night.

In a press conference Monday morning, Birmingham Police confirmed they have detained a second person of interest in Kamille’s abduction.

The people were taken into custody after 24-hours after residents noticed a Toyota Sequoia was parked at a complex. Police investigated and noticed the vehicle and description of the driver matched images released by surveillance tapes near the park.

The suspects do not appear to have any connection to her family, according to police.

Original Story:

Authorities say a 3-year-old girl was kidnapped from a birthday party in Alabama on Saturday.

Police believe someone in a dark SUV grabbed Kamille McKinney while she was outside with friends around 8:30 p.m. and drove away.

The Amber Alert says Kamille “Cupcake” is 3-feet tall and weighs 60 pounds. She was last seen wearing a pink Minnie Mouse T-shirt and had yellow, white, and blue bows in her hair.


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