Mosley accomplice pleads guilty to murder, sentenced to 35 years


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Three months after Dameon Mosley was sentenced to death for the murder of Billy Stacks during a gas station robbery in 2017, the last of his two accomplices to be tried pleaded guilty to murder in a Tyler courtroom and was sentenced to 35 years.

Kedarius Oliver, 26, is the last remaining man involved in the robbery to be sentenced for Stacks’ murder at the then-Conoco gas station on Loop 323 in January 2017.

He was originally charged with capital murder, which carries with it the death penalty, but pleaded to the lesser charge. As part of his plea agreement, he waived his right to a jury trial.

He delivered his plea in front of 114th District Court Judge Christi Kennedy.

Mosley was convicted in November 2019 by a Smith County jury following a three-day trial. In the punishment phase, they took less than an hour to return a death sentence.

Mosley shot Stacks twice, once in the shoulder and once in the head. Surveillance video showed that Mosley then took money from the register and dropped it on Stacks while he was laying on the floor.

He picked it up off of Stacks and fled the gas station, never checking on Stacks’ condition.

Oliver was a friend of Mosley’s and they all three worked at the Sanderson Farms factory in Palestine. They had been paid hours before the robbery.

The third accomplice, LaMarcus Hannah, was sentenced to 35 years in prison by Kennedy after pleading down to a lesser charge of murder rather than capital murder. It is unknown if Oliver will be made the same offer.

Under Texas law, capital murder only offers life in prison or death as the two options for punishment if convicted of it. A simple first-degree murder charge, however, can have a sentencing range of 5-99 years in prison.

Hannah and Oliver were initially charged with capital murder because under Texas law you can face it if a murder is committed during a robbery, even if you did not pull the trigger yourself.

Mosley became the first Tyler man to receive the death penalty in four years. East Texas currently has three inmates facing execution later this year:

  • Tracy Beatty from Whitehouse (3/18/)
  • Billy Wardlow from Cason (4/29)
  • Randall Mays from Eustace (5/13)

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