Christmas in East Texas: Tyler Candy Company

Christmas in East Texas

TYLER ,Texas (KETK) Whether you want peppermint sticks to put in your hot chocolate, or pecan chews and peanut patties to crunch on, the Tyler Candy Company is your one stop shop for holiday candy.

Tyler Candy Company was formed in 1941 and has been in their current location since 1949.

Operations Manager Ron Sumicek says the employees come in at 3:30 a.m. and start making candy.

“We start out breaking off centers for the pecan logs and then if we have divinity then we start off with the divinity and running the divinity. We are maintaining the same production, same recipes that Mr. Anthony George started with in 1941 and we brought it forward to this point.”

Ron Sumicek, Operations Manager

Anthony George founded Tyler Candy Company. He invented and patented a machine that’s still in use today.

It heats the peanuts, sugar, and syrup as it rotates at 250 degrees, taking about 30 minutes for the mixture to cook and form into the famous patties.

Copper pots heat the candy to give it that signature taste.

The candy company is able to make 22,000 peanut patties in a nine hour day because of Mr. George’s machine.

The patties get their pink texture from the red peanut skins.

Peanut patties became popular during the Civil War, where the wives would send their men out with the treats.

“The soldiers could stick them in their backpacks and they wouldn’t melt, they would hold up and it would give them a sweet that they could have while they were going down the road,” adds Sumicek.

You could say the factory preserves a piece of East Texas history. Some of the machines used date as far back as the 1920s.

The Tyler Candy Company distributes to different companies across the country such as grocery stores and convenience stores.

And their Texas peanut pattie sounds like a perfect Christmas idea for maybe those out-of-state relatives you want to send something to!

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