Because You Matter: City of Whitehouse to charge residents for garage sales

Because You Matter

The City of Whitehouse announced a new ordinance requiring people to buy a $5 permit in order to have a garage or estate sale. It also limits people to having three sales per year.

Ryan Rich and his neighbors are gearing up for a neighborhood garage sale Saturday. It might be their last one charge-free.

“To have to pay to sell your own stuff that doesn’t really sound too fair,” Rich said.

He’s not alone. The Whitehouse Police Department’s Facebook post announcing the ordinance has hundreds of negative comments.

“They’re doing it to make extra money I guess but it’s kinda selfish,” one East Texan told KETK.

The city manager tells us they’re doing it to make sure residential areas are not used for commercial purposes and to cut down on the amount of sales. They will issue no more than three permits per residence per year.

Some people say they can understand the need for this.

“I think 5 dollars is reasonable because you have parking on your street. We have a street that has quite a few of them, pretty regularly.”

“I can understand their perspective that they want to have someone who would be accountable for filing the paperwork and knowing what was going on across the city.”

Others say the city is over reaching.

“I don’t think it’s correct for the city to say hey I’m going to fine you if you don’t pay 5 dollars while you’re selling stuff,” Rich said.

“In a small town that’s a little bit hard to swallow, we came from fort worth and it was already what they did there.”

“I don’t know why they would feel the need to charge people to be able to get rid of their own things. It does nothing, there’s no benefit that i see at all. it’s just for the people. Yard sales are for people, for the townspeople.”

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