MEET GLORIA: Cat, back from the dead, ready to start next life

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On a 90 degree day, Dr. Gary Spence and Nicholas Pet Haven got word that a cat had been laying on a driveway for a day and a half. Gloria AKA “Driveway Kitty” was found clinging to life.

“We went out to the location where the cat was and she was basically a dead cat,” said Dr. Spence. “She was in total shock, she was 8 to 10 percent dehydrated, she couldn’t move, her eyes were non-responsive. She was basically dead and when Cindy picked her up, we thought she was deceased.”

That didn’t stop the team from trying to save her lfe.

“This cat was in ICU for almost three weeks before we could finally say she’s going to live,” said Dr. Spence.

Gloria’s chest was crushed and she had to go through surgery to remove four dead kittens from her belly. They worried that her tiny body would lose the uphill battle.

“She only weighs 6 1/2 pounds, over a 10-day period, she took 11 liters of fluids,” said Dr. Spence. “A liter of fluid is something we normally put on a 60 or 70 pound dog for a day. This little girl took a liter a day, just trying to keep her kidneys and all functioning.”

But after two full weeks of tube feeding, Gloria was ready to take on solid foods. If you check out Nicholas Pet Haven’s Facebook page, you will see she prefers to take her meals with a snuggle buddy on the side.

Dr. Spence, almost a month later, says he still can’t believe the progress she’s made.

“I’ve never seen quite such a will to live as this cat has and so we just jumped in, all four legs and really, really worked hard to save her and it turned out alright,” said Dr. Spence.

Despite her injuries, the team is hopeful that Gloria will completely recover in the next few weeks. And they think she will be looking for her fur-ever home very soon.

Keep an eye on Nicholas Pet Haven’s Facebook page for more information.

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