Pollen making a comeback in East Texas

Could last until March

In the past two weeks tree pollen has gone from non existent to spiking to moderate severity. 

Typical tree species during the year that give people trouble is Oak, and Pine. But during the winter most species lay dormant but one type of tree still finds a way to irritate East Texans. 

It's all Mountain Cedar's fault. West winds blowing over Central Texas blow tree spores into our area.

This variety of tree which is in the Juniper family mostly grows in hilly dry areas, which is exactly what Central Texas provides.

Pockets of the species exist in Oklahoma and Arkansas but it's much less prevalent. This basically sets us up to experiencing allergy symptoms from these trees almost from any wind direction besides the South East. 

According to UT Health Allergist, Dr. Jonathan Buttram "Mountain Cedar pollinates in the winter time, it can start in November and go as late as march". 

This means allergy symptoms from Mountain Cedar will last quite some time. 

But there are some things you can do to help protect yourself from irritation.

"Wearing sunglasses while outside to prevent watery eyes, keeping windows closed, and showering at night to wash off any pollen that's in your hair or on the oils of your skin." Dr. Buttram adds. 

It's not a guarantee you'll see symptoms but it's similar enough to rag weed and oak pollen that simple over the counter medication can do the trick. 

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