African dust responsible for allergies, asthma, and our hazy sky

Good photos for sunrise & sunsets, limits tropical development

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - Dust from Sahara Desert made it to Texas over the last few days, leading to hazy sky conditions and increased concerns for health safety to sensitive people.

This layer of dust is not very thick at all, but covers the sky close to 7,000 feet up. This is a weather pattern that will usually happen each summer in Texas.

While this dust will make for some nice sunsets and sunrises, it can have negative impacts on people. Typically, you can get dry eyes and itchy throats. However, folks with allergies and asthma can see flare ups happen more often in this type of environment. The best way to remedy this is to not be outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

According to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, they are forecasting East Texas’ air quality to improve later this week.


By Friday and into the weekend, the dust particles will lift to the north and northeast of East Texas. However, some hazy conditions can be possible.

In the longer range, we could have more dust that could try to enter into the United States by next week, according to our Dust Forecast model. This dust layer is caused by extremely hot and dry air off of the Saharan Desert, and carried by the easterly trade winds into the Atlantic Ocean.



This layer of enhanced mid-level winds sending this train of dust into the Atlantic keeps the development of tropical systems off the coast of Africa slim to none.

NASA says "strong area of high altitude winds commonly called the African Easterly Jet. If these winds were constant, we would also experience fewer hurricanes."

As far as tropical development, the Atlantic Basin is staying quiet for now while the Pacific has been rather active. Going into August and especially September/October, tropical activity is expected to increase.

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