Special Reports

  • What is Kadie Lynn Roberson up to now?

    When we last spoke to Kadie Lynn Roberson, the up and coming East Texas youngster was heading into round two of America's Got Talent.

  • Special Report: Lawmakers fail to call back

    The men and women we elect to office say hearing from their constituents is a vital part of democracy. But when there aren't town halls to attend, the only way to make your voice heard may be to call or write.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Consumers flooded with unwanted phone calls

    It's a nuisance with a potentially hefty price tag. 

  • SPECIAL REPORT: City Gangs

    Texas gangs have been around since the mid-1850s and law enforcement said they're not going away anytime soon. Current and former gang members said the issue starts in the home or neighborhood. Some said they dealt with abandonment of some sort and in turn, end up searching for respect in the streets.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Riding for Jesus

    Many know East Texas is part of the Bible Belt, there have always been traditional churches, but now-a days there are churches targeting non-traditional worshippers. 

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Stepping into the ring

    We normally associate East Texas with sports such as football, baseball and basketball.

    And, while those are the most popular, another sport holds a rich history in the Piney Woods.

    For one gym and its members, the sport of boxing is a way of life.

  • Special Report: Code of Conduct

    Governor Greg Abbott is cracking down on a problem plaguing our state-- improper student-teacher relationships.

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