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Tornado creates path of destruction, no mercy on homes

Debris and ruins left for homeowners to pick up

CANTON, Texas (KETK) - Several families are at a loss looking at what happened during Saturday's storms.

"I've never experienced it personally," Ken Schofield of Canton said. "It's a whole new perspective."

What the National Weather Service is calling a possible E4 tornado stormed its way through homes in Canton.

"You have to see it to really understand it," Schofield said.

"Honestly it's just crazy to see three homes, technically still here, just scattered all about," Dylan Schofield, homeowner's son, said.

One family left picking up the pieces, trying to salvage pictures, documents, and any valuables hidden under the wreckage.

"We're going through all the debris, trying to find our momentos, photo albums," Dylan Schofield said. "It's going to take a lot of time."

Ken Schofield and his wife say being in the path of a tornado is a living nightmare.

"As far as in the midst of it, you just close your eyes and hope for the best," Ken Schofield said.

This is what's left of their bathroom, this is where they took cover when the tornado hit.

"When the noise actually stopped, that's when we opened our eyes to see what was left," Ken Schofield said.

The Schofield family is finding random things in their yard that isn't theirs, including a car thrown from a few doors down.

"It's amazing how much a tornado can carry," Dylan Schofield said.

What used to be was beautiful land and a home.

"The scene is quite different. There used to be lush trees, and there were three houses, it was family land."

But that is no more as the family tries to figure out where to go from here.

"It has changed drastically," Schofield said. "We will change it back."

The Schofield family says above all else, they are all safe and came out of it unscathed. They are counting their blessings after the tornado gave no mercy going down its path.

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