The flu already causing trips to the hospital in East Texas

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - A new strand of the flu is already circulating. Doctors say every year, a different part of the virus becomes active and it's their job to determine what strand that is, and treat people for that particular influenza.

"More of the work up about the flu is mental, you know, most people are afraid of this shot, but when I set people down and give it to them, they're like what, you're done, and that's it, you know," Amber Bresee, RN with UT Health Northeast, said.

This year, the flu has got people down early. And for people who usually wait until November or December to take their shots, this year it's recommended they get in sooner.

"The vaccination in itself is very important because you know it gets your antibodies built up in your system so that you do not spread it as easy and you know when you come in contact with it, you don't even pick it up."

Doctors say the flu can last all the way through may, so we are just in the beginning stages of the flu season.

"There are actually cases of the flu happening right now, so we are actually trying to promote people getting their flu shots right now," Bresee said.  

The flu effects your respiratory system, and if not treated, it could lead to pneumonia.

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