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Snake population in East Texas on the rise

Meet Spud, the pet snake

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - The warm temperatures are already here and you know what that means. More critters will be coming out, including snakes.

Viewers have been sending in photos of snakes found in their yards and on their porches. Texas Parks and Wildlife says yes, this is normal as we approach summer.

"They've gotten plenty of food, the availability of water, and also because they're good and full, good and plump, they've got the reproductive capacity to make a bunch of little snakes," Richard Ott, Texas Parks and Wildlife said.

He says within the past few years in East Texas, there has actually been an increase in their population.

"This year has been the year people have reported seeing so many more," Ott.

Ott has a love for snakes.

"It's the little boy I never grew out of I guess, and as an adult I've kind of kept that fascination," Ott said.

His pet snake Spud and I got up close and personal.

"I'm kind of shaking a little bit."

For my first time holding a snake!

"How are you, oh, I don't want you to drop. Okay spud, thanks for this adventure. Alright!"

But Ott stresses that wild snakes should be left alone.

"You want to respect them for what they are and let them go about their own way," Ott said.

And remember the old-time rhyme, "Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, nice to Jack."

If you keep a safe enough distance away, Ott says maybe you can actually appreciate their existence.

"People are extremely afraid, but they're afraid because they've been taught they're afraid," Ott explained. "And for that same reason you can be taught not to be afraid of snakes as well."

He says the most dangerous snake in East Texas is the coral snake. Other venomous snakes include copperheads, rattlesnakes, and water moccasins in East Texas


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