New classroom management way incorporating video games

Education and discipline in the form of student avatars

Pine tree ISD is part of a new movement, using video games in classrooms to teach and discipline. Battles and bots found inside the classroom with Classcraft; A new way of educational gaming.

Teachers insert their own warm ups, homework, and quizzes. The program generates battles and quests with that information.

Each student selects an avatar and watches it develop throughout the school year.

"It was the first year I was amazed, I was like it's just an avatar, I can't believe how much the avatar works, but they just love it," Laura Cranford, middle school teacher, said.

And each avatar can advance by answering questions correctly, scoring high on assignments, and having good conduct. Teachers have control on inserting good behavioral points and advancements in the game. They can also take away points or give disadvantages for negative behavior.

"You know, they level up by the things you want them to do, and so instead of always telling them what you don't want them to do, you know why not reward them for what they are doing right."

Miss Cranford is an ambassador for Classcraft., a believer in the product who encourages other teachers to see the benefits for themselves.

"I just want them to not let the fear of technology hinder them from using this. If they struggle with engaging their students, they should give this a try."

Pine Tree ISD is one of the only school districts in East Texas to invest in Classcraft. It is a free program for teachers. To reach Laura Cranford for more information on it or if you're interested, you can contact her here on Twitter or her email address


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