Lindale ISD dress code in question, petition has more than 500 signatures

4 year-old has to cut hair to attend school

LINDALE, Texas (KETK) - A question is being posed for one East Texas School District. How long is too long when it comes to a student's hair? Lindale ISD's dress code is demanding a four year old boy to cut his hair in order to attend class, which has now sparked a debate.

Four year old Maddox is his family's little firecracker.

"It's Maddox, that's Mad Dog," Jennifer Avant, mom, said. "That's him, that's his hair."

He will be getting his first hair cut ever this week. Not because his family wants to, but because long hair for boys violates Lindale ISD's dress code.

"He's a four year-old little boy who loves his hair and it doesn't hurt anybody," Avant said. "I don't see how it's any different, except he's a boy."

"My biggest problem with it is there's like a whole paragraph on boy's hair (listed under Lindale's dress code) and there's one sentence on girl's hair," Jimmy Avant, father, said.

They have no problem with following the rules and are set to give Maddox a haircut. They are bringing it to the school boards attention just to raise questions as to why this is a rule. Both parents are confused with how their son's hair would be distracting in a classroom, saying it's no disruption to the real world.

"Men have long hair all the time," Jennifer Avant said. "My husband has a full beard and goes to works and does his job well. We shouldn't put judgment on anyone for it."

The superintendent gave us one statement on the issue.

"Lindale ISD is known for having a great culture at its school campuses, and part of creating that great culture is having a strong code of conduct and dress code," Superintendent Stan Surratt said.

After a long discussion at the school board meeting this week, it was decided Maddox will have to cut his hair to go to school. But that's not stopping the family's efforts to make change.

"I think if enough people speak up for what they believe in, anything is possible," Jimmy Avant said.

A petition they started less than two weeks ago is already filled with more than 500 signatures, more than one hundred on paper and more than 400 on their online petition that you can find here. KETK reached out to the family after seeing how many signatures were on the local petition.

The Avant family says they have had full and open communication with Lindale ISD. They say there have been great discussions regarding their concerns. They have three children who attend Lindale ISD and are very pleased with the district, and want their kids to continue to go there. The parents say they are just asking the board members to revisit some of their guidelines.

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