EXCLUSIVE: 9 arrested in recent string of Rusk County drug busts

HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) - The Rusk County Sheriff's Office and the Henderson Police Department have made several drug busts in recent months, including some with narcotics possibly aimed at minors.

"Everyone has a drug problem, regardless of where you live," Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price says. "But every once in awhile, everything can fall into place to where you can make several busts just back to back."

Rusk County law enforcement has conducted six raids since May. In total, nine people have been arrested:

Jimmie McCune - Possession of a controlled substance

Tony Ray Sprayberry, Sr. - Possession of a controlled substance, Possession of prohibition weapon (short barrel firearm)

Tony Ray Sprayberry, Jr. - Possession of a controlled substance

Charity Lynn Miley - Possession of a controlled substance

Adam Curry - Possession of marijuana

Robin Adams - Possession of a controlled substance

Justin Wilson - Possession of a controlled substance

Tim Byrd - Possession of marijuana

Amanda Johnson - Possession of marijuana greater than five pounds

The majority of the drugs recovered during the raids were meth and marijuana.

"We are getting it off the street," Sheriff Price says. "We are shutting dealers down."

Price adds deputies are gaining information by interviewing people already in jail and through crime stopper tips.

Lately, officials have been finding candies laced with drugs. They believe dealers are targeting minors in an effort to get them hooked at a young age.

"It's a starting process to get them involved in narcotics," Lieutenant David Marshall says. "As they progress, they go on to the harder narcotics."

Drug dealers are also getting creative. Now products such as "marijuana butter" are hitting the streets. The sheriff hopes that by educating children, they can prevent them from becoming hooked on drugs.

"I've watched too many of the kids I know, grow up and get involved with this stuff." Sheriff Price says. "We don't need this around our kids."

Authorities are asking for the community's help by submitting anonymous tips to Rusk County Crime Stoppers.

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