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Carlisle ISD concerned after some students start having seizures on campus

School district is investigating possible causes

CARLISLE, Texas (KETK) - East Texas high school administrators are investigating after several girls started having regular seizures on campus.

"I don't know what's caused them," says Carlisle ISD superintendent Mike Payne.

He is concerned after five of his high school students began having seizures about a month ago.  Now the episodes are happening more and more frequently.

"We might have one and then week later have another and then it escalated. So we had 1 or 2 in one day," says Payne.

Two traits connect them all. The students are girls and are involved in high school athletics. The seizures have happened in the classroom, at pep rallies, and even during a basketball game.

Dwayne Johnson is a basketball officiant at Carlisle. He saw one of the seizures in action.

"They grabbed her I wondered what was going on and then next thing you know she's going in her seizure,"  Johnson says.

The school district has commissioned environmental tests on all the buildings that the girls frequent, but so far, they say they've found nothing that could cause seizures.

"We need to make it clear in our minds its not environmental. The safety of our kids is important and if something is wrong, that needs to be corrected, we want to do it as quickly as possible," Payne adds.

The superintendent says only one of the five girls has a medical history of epilepsy. This is the first time the others have experienced something like this. But with more tests, the school hopes to get to the bottom of this alarming mystery.

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