BACK TO SCHOOL: Vaccinations key in keeping diseases at bay

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - "Over the years, vaccines have eradicated a lot of diseases," Dr Clem, UT Health Northeast pediatrician, said.

Students are required to have seven different vaccines from K through 12th grade.

"Children can end up in the hospital with one of these vaccine preventable illnesses, and children even die from vaccine preventable illnesses,"Dr. Clem said.

The vaccine requirements vary by state.

"Any of the requirements we enforce regarding immunizations are all governed by state law. We're a state agency, governed by state law, so we have to follow the law and enforce the law," Todd Schneider, Bullard Superintendent, said. 

Some parents don't want their children to take part in the shots, and the state does allow certain exemptions. But they do not allow exemptions for reasons of inconvenience.

"If a child is not vaccinated for these illnesses that they're able to get vaccinated for, they're putting the community at risk."

For a chart of what vaccinations are required, click here.

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