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White Oak voters to decide on $19.5M school bond

WHITE OAK, Texas - In White Oak voters will be given the chance to vote on a school bond 

"it's a total of $19,500,000 bond," said White Oak superintendent Mike Gilbert. 

The bond is broken down into two parts and those consist of replacing roofs and windows as well as additions to the science wing making them more accessible to wheel-chair reliant students as well as constructing a new field house for the athletic department. 

Gilbert said, " These are additions that will help our current building last basically another 20 years."

One local has made it no secret that he disapproves the bond. He posts in The White Oak Independent (city newspaper) every time it's issued.

White Oak resident Dale Thomas said, "The biggest red flag was just the concept of creating debt because it's available."

Thomas said he thinks the school should have resolved the facility issues long before the bond was announced. Making claims that the school has neglected the issue for quite some time. 

"They have a budget of $12,000,000 and so that's part of doing business. That's school business; if you've got buildings you've got to take care of them that's as real as a teachers salary," said Thomas. 

With a concern for a major tax increase for residents, signs all across the city either for it or against it.

Gilbert said,"the thing i would do is to encourage everyone to do two things, the first is look at the facts and then look at their own personal finances and make their choices based on that.

Lance Noll, a parent and a resident of White Oak said, "When you think of the fact that most people move to White Oak to take their kids to school here, it's a no brainer to me that we should make sure this place is up to par."

"our facilities are in need of being updated when you're no longer able to provide an adequate facility for students for teachers to continue to maintain that academic excellence something needs to be done and I hope people see that before they go out and vote," said Noll. 

The bond will not affect the tax rate of senior citizens over the age of 65 and according to the school's website, the increase in your tax rate will be raided from $1.25 to $1.62. 

For more information on the school bond click here


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