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Tyler woman stopped by fake cop uses Facebook to warn community

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - A Tyler woman is warning East Texans of a man who is posing as a police officer and pulling people over. Layla Williams was pulled over by a black Chevy Tahoe on Wednesday in the 1200 block of highway 110, between Tyler and Whitehouse. She was on her way to get her registration renewed and thought that was the reason she had been pulled over. 

When he approached the vehicle he didn't ask for her license, instead he began asking her unusual questions. 'He just continuously asked where are you going, is anyone meeting you there, where do you live, how old are you, and the more I told him why do you to know that information he just kept getting more hostile," said Williams. It was her 6-week-old son, who was in the back seat, that scared the man away. According to Williams, the man's demeanor changed after he heard her son crying.

The incident left her so startled that she took her thoughts and shared them via a Facebook post to friends and family. Until someone reached out and asked for her to make the post public so it could be shared because another woman in the area had experienced something similar. The post quickly gained attention and reached thousands in East Texas.

Layla's experience has led police to remind people that, "if you're pulled over the person should, number one have red and blue lights, number two have uniform, and number three identify themselves by their name and their agency," said Andy Erbaugh, with Tyler Police Department.

Police are investigating the incident, as well as searching for the person of interest. He's described as a 6-foot-tall, white man in his thirties, with thinning blond hair and a beard. Meanwhile, Williams is more alert while driving and thanks her son for saving her from what could have been a bad situation.

If you're ever pulled over and are suspicious of the legitimacy of the officer, you can call your local law enforcement to verify their identity. 

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