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Tyler business to be distributor for feral hog pesticide

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - Tuesday Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced a rule change to help with the feral hog problem in East Texas. Warfarin-based pesticide Kaput Feral Hog Bait will be sold to use against them. The East Texas distributor of the product will be Rozell Sprayer in Tyler. 

After the announcement of pesticide use against feral hogs earlier this week there were concerns about safety. Rozell Sprayer Vice President Darren Rozell says it will only be available to licensed applicators.

"We want to really be good stewards of this product," Rozell said. "We are requiring that the people with applicators licenses go through a training class."

He says the product won't cause problems for hunters because it is out of the hog's system within 48 hours of the hog's death.

"It's just 1/5 of the strength of what you can buy at your local store of a rat bait," he says. "It has a special agent in it that will turn all the fatty tissues and intestines blue."

That blue color will be an indicator to hunters that the hog has been poisoned.

Along with the hog lure, people using it have to have the proper equipment.

"They're gonna have to purchase special feeders which are state approved feeders for putting out the feral hog bait," Rozell said.

He says other animals won't suffer from it.

"The hogs go back to their nesting grounds and it's a 3-5 day painless, slow death," he says. "When coyotes and vultures and other things eat the dead carcass there's no secondary kill on that."

He says they'll start launching the product in March and work to get East Texans trained to use it. They'll start selling it around April or May.

Here are the 8 Steps to Successful Feral Hog Baiting by Kaput Products:

1) Observe the area selected for treatment to identify where hog activity and trails are located

2) Remove livestock when baiting and until 90 days after bait removal

3) Position hog feeders in secluded resting areas. From 1-3 feeders may be used per location

  • Feeders must be equipped with heavy lids on bait compartments (8-10 lbs total lid weight)
  • Secure each feeder with T-posts or by tying trees/shrubs to prevent hogs tipping them over

4) Condition (train) hogs to eat from feeders for 3-6 weeks

  • Place 25-50 lbs of lure in each feeder
  • Open feeder lid about 6 inches so hogs will find feed
  • Refill as needed. If lure is not being eaten, move feeders to new location

5) Post bilingual CAUTION signs in baited areas to warn people of bait usage

6) Baiting can begin after hogs have been successfully conditioned

  • Remove all non-toxic feed from feeders
  • Replace with 25-50 lbs of bait in each feeder
  • CLOSE LID to prevent non-target animals from accessing bait

7) Monitor feeders every 1-4 days

8) Return to the treatment site beginning 4 days after initial bait placement, and then at 2-4 day intervals, to perform carcass searches in the area

  • Bury all carcasses at least 18 in. beneath ground surface

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