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Tornado hits Lindale area causing heavy tree damage, road closures

LINDALE, Texas (KETK) - This weekend during our severe weather coverage, we told you there were four tornadoes that touched down around East Texas. On Monday, the National Weather Service released information confirming three more. They said their preliminary findings shows an EF-1 hit just north of Lindale.

Smith County Road and Bridge crews were out Monday afternoon cleaning up trees blocking roadways. 

"Jerry kept saying, 'were on the tail end, were on the tail end,' but we didn't know it was half a mile up the road," said Tamra Bull, who lives in the Duck Creek Community, north of Lindale. 

"Last year when it was really bad coming through Lindale, I could feel the pressure," she said. "I didn't feel the pressure this time." 

Driving down Highway 69 north, all that is noticeable are a few downed trees. However some people, including John and Joan Steed, had a hard time finding a way home Monday. 

"I was going to bring the four wheeler down and look around, I couldn't have gotten by on it," said John, looking at all the tree damage on County Road 4119. 

The couple live on that county road and didn't realize a tornado hit so close to their home. 

"People were calling wanting to know if we were alright. I told my wife, I said 'I told them we were okay, but I didn't know anything.' They said 'there's supposed to be a tornado in Lindale,' I said 'well if it's in Lindale, it's not bothering me, I'm out north of town,'" explained John.

"There was one time the winds got really strong and it worried me, but other than that we were blessed," added Joan. 

They all said they're just praying for those west of them.

"I'm sitting here worried about the people who are having to start all over in Canton," said Bull. 

The National Weather Service said the storm came to an end along Highway 69 north right past Old Dallas-Shreveport Road, or County Road 452, near Faulkner Park. 



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