Through art, comes healing and purpose

Longview, Texas (KETK) - The homeless and working poor are giving back through their Healing Art Project at Newgate Mission.

Local artists are expressing their trials and tribulations through paintings and photographs.

The Newgate Mission is encouraging participants to contribute to the upcoming ArtWalk in downtown Longview.

Half of the proceeds will go to benefit the Newgate Mission and half will go to the artists themselves.

The Executive Director of Newgate Mission, Kristi Bogle-Sherman, said this is a great way for participants to be included in the community. “The idea that they do have something to give is a really powerful one and really I think it embodies the spirit of what we are trying to do here. Everybody has something to contribute.”

The display will be at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts will feature as many as 40 pieces from participants of the mission. Event coordinator, Anup Bhandari, said he has been working with the participants since 2011 and has seen the artists loose themselves in their work and the benefits they get from creating a piece of art. “I usually tell them to paint whatever comes and most of the paintings are very powerful. What they do is their story. It's a very eye opening experience.”

The ArtWalk features displays at a number of venues in downtown Longview.

The event will be October 1st from 5 to 8 p-m.

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