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MISSING IN EAST TEXAS: Search for Antoinette Renee Childress, and "person of interest" continues

Hederson, Texas (KETK) - "I knew something was wrong," Patricia Nichols explained. "my sister had sent me a Facebook message that said sister I need your phone number. It's an emergency." 

Nichols' younger sister Antoinette Renee Childress was reported missing in Henderson, Rusk County on October 13, 2015. 

At the time of her disappearance, the 41-year old had reportedly been struggling with personal demons. 

"She was a very sweet girl who had a drug problem, but couldn't get out," Craig Nichols said. 

In mid-September, Patricia Nichols said she began receiving bizarre Facebook messages from Antoinette. "She sent me a message that said I need your number, emergency." 

It would be more than three weeks before she would hear back. "The last thing I got from here was. . . Sister where are I, what's going on."

On October 6, Nichols would receive a voice message from Antoinette's Facebook account. She said the message was regarding guardian angels. The voice on it, however, was not Antoinette's. It was never discovered who the voice belonged to. 

Shortly after receiving the messages, Nichols would be away from home for several weeks. 

When she returned, on November 6,  she would find her sister was missing. 

On October 13, Antoinette's ex-husband, who has been questioned multiple times, filed a missing persons report. 

"Authorities went to her trailer, but it didn't look like any foul play had gone on there," Nichols told us. 

Within days of having been missing, Rusk County Sheriff's Office would find Antoinette's car. 

The man driving it would be arrested on un-related charged. His name has never been released. 

However, he would tell authorities he bought the car from Antoinette. 

"Renee would never, ever, ever, ever sell her car," Craig Nichols said. 

"It was the only thing, monetarily she owned," her sister explained. 

While authorities were questioning possible leads, Nichols would received messages from two women claiming they knew Antoinette. 

"They said Renee had been doing drugs, using and selling. And evidently she stopped selling and was just using," Patricia said they told her. "She had pissed the wrong people off so they tortured her, and killed her, and put her in a grave. Then, a month later they dug her up and threw her in a pound." 

During this conversation, Patricia said the women seemed afraid of someone, and wouldn't go into more detail. 

The Rusk County Sheriff's Office would search the cemeteries and pounds throughout the county, but nothing was ever found.

Authorities would continue questioning several people. During their interviews, one name kept coming up. 

Rusk County Sheriff's Office says their investigating led to Felipe Villanueva, 35. Villanueva had reportedly been seeing Antoinette.

Multiple search warrants were issued for his arrested, but Villanueva remained on the run. 

"He's just so connected in the inner circle, he's being hidden, " said Craig Nichols. 

Nearly two years later authorities are searching for Villanueva. It's unknown if he's still in Rusk County. 

But as he remains free, whatever role he played has left a hole in a family. 

Craig Nichols said for the past two years Patricia has spent countless nights awake, and suffering from anxiety. "it's just hard to watch. That's her baby sister . . . She tried to correct her life; help change it; get here in a better direction. . . If it ends in violence like these stories portray. . . It's just finally time to lay her to rest." 

Patricia, through it all, has never given up on her sister. 

"I can only hope, wherever Renee is, whether she's on this Earth or in heaven looking down, I hope she knows that I'm looking for her. And I haven't given up."





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