Las Vegas shooting victim's father shares daughter's road to recovery

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) - An East Texas man is back home and his California daughter is on a slow road to recovery after she was gunned down in the Las Vegas massacre. 

"I just kept praying and saying 'dear Lord help me, give me the strength to get out of here," said Nathalie Vanderstay, from her hospital bed at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. 

From Jacksonville, Texas to Las Vegas, more than 1,300 miles, Randy Vanderstay didn't think twice when hopping into the car to be by his daughter's side.

"I stopped for gasoline and a Dr. Pepper and that was about it," he laughed. 

Nathalie was shot in the lower stomach and shrapnel hit her leg. The surgeon told Vanderstay it was best to leave the bullet in her stomach rather than damage anything or risk her life by taking it out. 

"I could feel the fluid building up in my stomach so I knew I had to get there," said Nathalie. "I kept saying to the cab driver, 'how much further?'" 

As she was recovering she had many visitors, including President Trump and the First Lady. 

"The President said anything you want, just let me know," said Vanderstay. 

A nurse at UCLA Medical Center, Nathalie's wish was to be transferred back home to Los Angeles. 

"Rachelle (Nathalie's sister) got ahold of the FBI and I don't know her exact words but she said something like 'You promised me that you would do whatever it took, even if it took a private jet to get her back, we'll get her back.' So the FBI got a jet for her," said Vanderstay. 

A photo of Nathalie smiling from inside the plane was just what Randy needed. He said he's so thankful for the many people that helped save his daughter's life. He already has his plane tickets to see both of his daughters for Thanksgiving. 


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