Jerika Bolen:14 year old teen plans to end her life

APPLETON, Washington (WBAY) - According to WBAY disability activists are trying to stop a Wisconsin teen's plan to die.

Jerika Bolen suffers from spinal muscular atrophy Type II, an incurable disease that destroys nerve cells.

She is in constant pain and has decided to stop using her ventilator.

Jerika's mother supports the decision, but some organizations are asking child protective services to investigate.

Jerika's decision to end her life has attracted national attention according to WBAY.

Disabled Parents Rights Organization and other advocate organizations are asking the county to intervene on Jerika's behalf to ensure she's getting the proper care.

Executive Director, Carrie Lucas said the issue is an important one for those who work for the rights of the disabled.

Jerika's mother said the decision to die was something that's been discussed for several years since most people don't survive the incurable disease as long as Jerika has.


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