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Gun Barrel City homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint

GUN BARREL CITY, Texas (KETK) - Last Sunday afternoon, while most people were enjoying the holiday weekend, a Gun Barrel City woman had an unexpected surprise.

An intruder broke into her house around noon, but he did not know he chose the wrong house.

Carrie Dearmond is a strong supporter of the second amendment, and she says it came in handy.

"I said put your hands on top of your head and he did, and I said keep them there or you die," Dearmond told the intruder as she pulled her .22 caliber revolver on him.

Dearmond is suffering from stage four breast cancer, but that didn't stop her from protecting what's hers.

Her friend was at the house too, filming the whole encounter.

The intruder said he was looking for his son.

"I said you gotta get out of my house, there is no child," Dearmond said. "He left and went out this way, my neighbors saw him walk to the end of my property, and then turn around and come back in a dead run."

He ran for the kitchen.

"There are butcher knives sitting up there on the counter," Eddie Lundy said. "He says I'm watching you, I'm gonna kill you. Carrie went and got the gun then and I said call 9-1-1."

Holding him at gunpoint, they asked if he was on drugs, and he did not shy away from answering.

"I'm on methamphetamine, I'm on ecstasy, I'm on cocaine," he said in the video. "All of them! Heroine!"

When police arrived, the man barricaded himself into the back bedroom.

"He was breaking stuff," Lundy said. "You could hear it like a bomb going off in there it was so loud!"

Blood stains, broken mirrors, and dented ceilings are evidence of his rage.

Police finally coaxed him out of the house and arrested him.

He is 31-year-old Matthew Dennis.

Dearmond says she hopes he learned not to mess with her.

"I won't back down from any situation," Dearmond said. "The man was in my home and he needed to get his a** out."

Throughout the more than three hour ordeal, Dennis also threatened to shoot police with a gun he found in Dearmond's bedroom. He is charged with burglary of a habitation and intending another felony.

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