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Family converts barn into community Crossfit gym

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) - Statistics show Crossfit is one of the biggest fitness trends in the world and according to the company, there is more than 10,000 gyms in more than 120 countries. Here in East Texas, there are many Crossfit gyms but one in particular is not your average place to pump iron. 

"We weren't finished working in the hay field in time to make it to the gym," said Kenny Dyess, owner of The Barn in Jacksonville. 

Dyess said his sons convinced him to convert their old barn into a gym. It has become a community spot as the the family offers a free workout to anyone who wants to join. 

"I can do stuff now I couldn't do 15, 20 years ago," said Dyess. 

"We'll carry feed sacks up the hill and down the hill and we'll get out in the woods and work out," said Jody Dyess, Kenny's son and The Barn's trainer. 

Some of the guys who train there aren't rookies either, including Kenny.

He's 58 and ranked 37th worldwide, 8th in the region and 6th in the state.

"I used to work out in a regular gym, just lifting weights and stuff, but I can do stuff now that I never thought I could do," added Dyess.

"Try to keep up with these guys, that's what I try to do," said The Barn Athlete David Talancon.

David is 51 and ranked 90th in the world, 8th in the region and 7th in the state.
"It's just a great environment, we just come out here and work out hard," he said.
Tommy Williams is 55 and ranked first in the state, first in the region and 13th in the world.
"I've been working out here probably about three solid years to try to get to the games, that's the goal," said Williams. 
He worked hard enough to make it this year. He will be competing in the Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin in August. 
"We go back to high school, we're all pretty close in age, we've known each other for a long, long, time," Williams said about himself, Talancon and Dyess.
It's the callused hands, iron and sore muscles that keep these three men young.
"We just compete everyday, push each other hard," said Talancon.
They have one class everyday at 4:30 in the afternoon.
"It's our friends and our family, just for the fun of it. It's not a business," said Jody Dyess.
"Come as you are, and be ready to workout," added Kenny. 
Directions to The Barn: Drive 69 south and go through Jacksonville, drive about 7 miles and at the top of the hill, turn left onto County Road 1506. About 1 1/2 miles down, they are located on the left with the black pipe fence in the front yard.

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