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Experts say how to keep our animals cool

Lufkin, Texas (KETK) - Summer has been with us for a while now and it has been a hot one.

Many of us have been taking efforts to keep cool but our four-legged friends need to keep cool as well.

With summer being as hot as it is our furry friends are just as hot, if not hotter, than we are and we need to remember to keep them cool.

"Heat stroke can be life threatening in dogs and there are certain breeds that are predisposed, all those breeds with really short little noses, pugs, bulldogs, they can get hot really really fast because they don't breathe as well," said Dr. Wendy Blount, Ward Animal Hospital D.V.M.

In addition to this dogs and other animals do not sweat like we do instead they pant to cool off.

This makes keeping cool much more of a challenge for animals.

For this reason, places like the Winnie Berry Humane Society in Lufkin work harder in the summer.

"What we want to do is make sure they have cool water and we make sure the water is in the shade at all times and of course they have shade to get into, plenty of that," said Mike Stephens, Winnie Berry Humane Society Director.

Our furry friends don't have the same luxuries we do when it comes to keeping cool, so sometimes we have to spoil them and bring them indoors.

"Normal dog temperature is about 100 to 102 and dogs with heat stroke can get up to 106-107 and that can be life ending if it's not treated really really fast," said Dr. Blount.

And the same goes for the larger and more exotic animals, at the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin they some creative solutions for the animals to beat the heat.

"Some of the animals get a little more encouragement to play in their pool when it's really hot like this, they'll get frozen treats," said Celia Falzone, Ellen Trout Zoo Curator. "They'll get something, food that's frozen in a big chunk of ice, and we might put it in the pool or somewhere else for them and they can play with it, they can lick it and it cools them off."

Don't be the reason an animal suffers this summer, do your part to keep them cool.

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