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East Texans sending 'hope notes' to Parkland Florida victims

"I'm sorry what happened, we are here for y'all"

LONGVIEW, Texas - Inside the Pine Tree ISD Pace Campus, 7th grader Cnya Day is sending this message to someone she'll most likely never meet. 

"I hope you know that we love and care for you," said Day. 

Cnya along with many others in her class are making custom hand-made notes that'll be sent to the victims of the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

Together they say they've written hundreds and it makes them happy to do something like this for others. 

The woman who started it all is their principal Sholanda Adams. 

"The day after the situation in Florida, the students ame to school talking about it," said Adams. 

The goal is to give every student and faculty member who might have been affected by this tragedy one of these cards and to let them know hat it's coming all the way from Longview, Texas. 

"We're hoping for 4,000 cards. We want to include bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, everybody," said Adams. 

11th grader Chase Barber says this project has helped him value the time he spends with those in his class. 

"The sole purpose really is to be able to have a kid that may have lost a friend to be able to read one of these notes and realize the world is still going to go on. Everything is going to be alright and that there's hope," said Barber. 

Soon one of those students will be reading this note that says, sorry for what happened. We are here for y'all. 

And that student will know that act of love was sent 1,200 miles away. 

Principal Adams says they hope to reach their goal of 4,000 notes by Thursday, March 29. 

If you'd like to send a note for a student to write on your behalf you can call Principal Adams at 903-295-5130. 

For more information you can click here

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