Community comes together to fulfill East Texan's final wish

FRANKSTON, Texas (KETK) - The people of Frankston came together to celebrate the life of former teacher Troy House. 

"He was the best," Rose Boling, Class of 1964 member says. "He took care of the kids. He honored them."

House taught at Frankston ISD for over 35 years.  Wednesday, friends and family showed their appreciation by fulfilling his final wish.

Many former students showed up with posters that read positive messages. 

"Not only was he our science teacher, he was very respected," Delight Bristow, Class of 1973 member says. "We all respected him and loved his family."

According to his daughter, House suffers dementia with Lewy bodies and congestive heart failure.

Since House was a bus driver throughout his career at Frankston, his final wish was to ride the bus one last time, along the route he would drive.

His Hospice Connection social worker was a former student and bus rider. She helped organize the effort. 

"We were talking about how school use to be and the bus route," Taryn Evans, former student says. "He just looked at me and said, 'I would give anything to go on the bus one last time.'"

Throughout the event and ride, House held the hands of his students tightly to show his affection.

"It's been with him all of his life," Lynn Dickerson, House's daughter says. "It meant so much to him, and he talks about his students daily." 

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