Choosing the right Christmas tree this season

Don't be stuck with the wrong one

In less than three weeks it'll be Christmas and if you haven't gotten a tree yet it's not too late!

There are still plenty of live trees across East Texas if you haven't gotten one yet but they're running out fast. 

Here's your Christmas tree short list:

Douglas Fir

Usually on the cheaper side. Soft long needles may fall off earlier than other varieties but have a full appearance. You might struggle to find any above six feet. 

Fraser Fir

Has the widest availability and the cheapest price. Full sized trees should be in the $50 range. Main negative is it won't have a very full appearance, but the branches will be strong enough for just about any ornament. 

Noble Fir

Generally more expensive, but come in all sizes. Thick, full appearance with long lasting needles is a huge positive for this tree. You might have to call around to find one.

Grand Fir

Best known for their strong scent. Sizes and availability might be limited but long lasting needles, strong branches makes it a great tree. Most prices are on the expensive side. 

Nordmann Fir 

Long lasting needles and dry out slowly. Known for not having much of a scent so if you're allergic or sensitive to Christmas tree smells it'll work well. 


Good luck finding the right one and Merry Christmas! 

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