Chez Bazan in Tyler closing: 'It's time to live our dreams'

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - A staple in the city of Tyler for the past 32 years, French bakery and cafe Chez Bazan has an announcement to make. The Bazan family is deciding to close their bakery in June. 

Two generations of the Bazan family have put blood sweat and tears into making this bakery what it is today. Now they say they're choosing to step back from the business to focus on the third generation, their children and grandchildren.

Since 1985 Chez Bazan has been a place where East Texans can walk through the door and feel at home.

"Everyday! I'm here everyday!" customer Naomi Vostick said.

"You know you see the who's who of Tyler here at the Chez Bazan, otherwise known as the Chez!" customer Bill Bellenfant said.

For the Bazan family, this bakery represents years of hard work, sacrifice and joy.

"32 years ago my dad had a dream of course ya know to open his little bakery and we literally grew up here as kids," co-owner Claudia Bazan Hill said.

When he died in 1999, his children planned to run the bakery for five years.

"18 years later we're raising the third generation in here and realizing that it's time for us to have our generation," Bazan Hill said. "We've lived his dream, and now it's time to live our dreams."

It's with that spirit that they are choosing to close the Chez and for the first time in years, enjoy Saturdays that don't include preparing cakes.

"As a mom now I can't tell you continuously what we've missed out on in our own childrens' lives and realize ya know now that we do have a choice!" Bazan Hill said. "We always had that choice and so we choose our kids!"

They say they will miss their loyal customers the most.

"A deep felt thank you for 32 years of just making us a common household name!" Co-owner Ralph Bazan said. "Even if it's mispronounced, it's okay, we know where you want to go!"

They say their customers are like family.

"It's been beautiful to watch ya know them as kids and now they bring their own kids in here," Bazan Hill said.

She says the Chez would not be what it is today without her mother Gracie.

"Her blessing is more than just cake and food sometimes, you feel it inside!" she said.

Now they move on to experience the blessing of creating new family memories. Bazan Hill's family will be moving to Boise, Idaho for her husband's new job.

They do not have a set closing date but they say if you have already ordered a cake, it will be made.

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