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Chandler man dead after colliding with bull

A chandler man, Dale Fritch, died Monday night when he collided with a bull on FM 2339 on his motorcycle. 

It was on a road that oddly enough is half Van Zandt County and half Henderson County. Something that can make tracking down who is responsible for the loose livestock harder to figure out. 

Neighbors in both counties along FM 2339 told us they called authorities about the bull strolling through their yards and down the street. 

We have reached out to both counties to find out which county officials are responsible for wandering animals on this specific stretch of road. 

Both counties are still looking into the issue for us, but we do know Van Zandt County Sheriff's office has only had three calls this year for loose livestock in this area.

Henderson county is still working on getting us those numbers. 

A memorial of teddy bears and balloons can be found amid the scattered road markings that tell a grisly story of what happened here Monday night. An accident neighbors believe could have been avoided. 

"This bull has been running around this area right here since at least April 13th," said Misty Kidd, a FM 2339 neighbor. "That's the first time I called Henderson County to report the bull loose. My neighbors right here that live in Van Zandt County, they've called and reported it." 

According to Texas A&M Agrilife, a livestock owner cannot be held responsible for injuries to a driver or someone riding a motorcycle who hits loose livestock on a road.

However, counties can create local laws that override that. 

We are still working to obtain the specific law for both counties. 

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