Because You Matter: East Texans say roofing company ripped them off


Two East Texas men say they found out about J.W. Roofing and Construction in Winona through their church. They trusted them, paid them, and never heard from them again.

One is a disabled veteran, the other an 83-year-old man.

One thing they have in common is they say they were both ripped off by the roofing company.

"He said that he took care of Christians," Rob Grey said. "He liked to help the church and Christians and so he got recommendations due to that confidence."

Grey hired Jerry Whitley in March to replace his roof. He paid him a $3,000 deposit and then didn't hear from him again.

"I texted him, I called him, left voicemails, emailed him nothing," Grey said.

Donald Nunn is also waiting, in his case for more than a year.

His wife came by towards the end of June of last year and said that they needed to be able to pay for all of the material and they would need a check that would cover a little bit better than half," Nunn said.

They gave Suzanne Whitley a check for $6,780.

"We gave her the check around the 28th of June and then found out that they filed for bankruptcy at about 3 weeks in July," Whitley said.

Suzanne Whitley confirmed to us they filed bankruptcy. She and her husband would not comment further.

Nunn thinks they're using bankruptcy as a way to get out of their small claims suit against them.

"It's like they're saying, you can't get anything," Nunn said.

Judicial records show numerous suits against the Whitleys, and bankruptcy documents show he and his wife have at least $160,000 worth of claims against them.

The BBB sent a warning about J.W. Roofing and Construction Wednesday. It has an "F" rating on their website.

The ordeal has been a lesson for these men.

"To be honest, I don't think we'll see a penny of our money," Nunn said. "But I think the man needs and his wife to face up to what they've done."

They hope sharing their story means one less person will become a victim.

Rob Grey filed a theft report with the Upshur County Sheriff's office. The sheriff tells KETK they turned that over to the district attorney.

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